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Heritage Arts at Southport Center

Beautiful Brunswick County is home to an expanding community of studio-based, creative artisans — reflecting the role of the arts, entertainment and tourism in the economic development of North Carolina. Trending increasingly towards the arts over the last four decades, quaint coastal Southport supports your creativity. It is an exhilarating time and we invite you to join us for arts and crafts classes at the Brunswick Community College Southport Center.

To schedule a site tour, please contact Director, Barbara McFall by phone at (910) 755-6500 or by email at mcfallb@zjgrt.com.

Registering for Classes

With dozens of courses (see below), we have something for everyone. Take a look and register for your favorites today. Simply click on the REGISTER ONLINE button below and enter the course name in the Search field for course dates, times, and locations.

You may also view the latest PATHWAYS catalog (see link on right). For more information or to inquire about other courses, contact Barbara McFall at mcfallb@brunwickcc.edu or the OneStop Center at onestop@zjgrt.com.


Fabric Quilting Patriotic
This class is for all levels. Students will make a quilt top of pieced and applique blocks that screams Land That I love. Class meets in Room 103; sewing machines available. Instructor Marilyn Ridgeway.

Fabric Quilting Advanced Free Motion
Free motion feathers will be the focus of this class. We will also be hand dyeing backgrounds and creating a fantasy jellyfish. Class meets in Room 103; sewing machines available. Instructor Marilyn Ridgeway.

Fabric Dyeing
Learn to use Procion dyes and various Shibori and other techniques to create hand dyed fabric. Class meets in Room 103; sewing machines available. Instructor Marilyn Ridgeway.

Fabric Printmaking
Discover the captivating world of textile artistry where we will explore mono printing, collagraph and block printing techniques to transform plain fabrics into stunning patterns and personalized works of art. Students will have the opportunity to craft unique artwork suitable for wall hangings, t-shirts and fabrics for quilting. Suitable for all skill levels. Class meets in Room 103; sewing machines available. Instructor Lemuel Heida

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Glass Stained
Understand the process of designing and safely executing stained glass projects by using a variety of glass, tools and techniques.  Includes using patterns, learning types of glass and their properties, cutting and polishing techniques, and use of copper foil/lead solder to complete several projects.  Multiple sections, all levels welcome. Class meets in Room 106. Instructors Debbie Appleby, Jane Freach, Carol Kelly.  

Glass Mosaic
Amaze your friends and family with an ancient art form.  Even beginners can soon craft gorgeous products from small pieces of colored glass and grout.  Students will provide their own materials. Class meets in Room 106. Instructor Jane Freach.   

Glass Fused
Explore the art of Fused Glass as we learn fundamentals of glass fusing, components and design elements. First 8 weeks are project based, second 8 weeks will be students’ self-designed projects.   Glass kilns onsite.  Multiple sections, all levels welcome. Class meets in Room 106. Instructor Deborah Appleby   

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Jewelry Silver Beginning
This course is an introduction to jewelry making and will cover various techniques including wire forming, piercing and sawing, decorative stamping and bezel making. Students will get experience soldering, polishing and setting cabochons in a variety of pieces including earrings, rings and bracelets. Multiple sections offered. Class meets in Room 105. Instructors Barbara Bennett and Elyse Clark.

Jewelry Silver Intermediate
Pre-requisite Beginning Silver or instructor’s permission.  This course is designed for the student with some prior experience with soldering and stone setting. We will be constructing settings for faceted stones for use in single stone pieces and making multiple stone pieces as well. We will create lockets with handmade chains and small decorative containers. In addition, there will be projects with inlay (stone or metal). Class meets in Room 105. Instructor Elyse Clark.  

Jewelry Silver Advanced
Per-requisite Jewelry Beginning & Intermediate.  Explore alternate methods of setting stones, metal forming and enameling, including cloisonne and champleve. Class meets in Room 105. Instructor Barbara Bennett. 

Jewelry Casting Alternative Techniques
Pre-requisite prior jewelry making experience. This course will involve the “lost wax” casting technique utilizing scrap silver and bronze metals, basic jewelry repairs and torch fired enamel. Class meets in Room 105. Instructor Spencer Hayden.

Jewelry Polymer Clay Beginner
Introduction to polymer clay properties, caning, color blending, Skinner blends, kaleidoscopes, and surface techniques.  Veneers will be designed to make a variety of beads and small bowls.  Basic jewelry assembly and finishing techniques will be covered. Class meets in Room 105. Instructor Christine Noble. 

Jewelry Polymer Clay Intermediate/Advanced
Pre-requisite prior polymer clay experience. Polymer clay techniques including color mixing, faux stone creation, mixed media and specialized surface design and texture. Complex caning and integration of design elements including metals will be covered. Emphasis will be on finishing and unique jewelry assembly techniques. Class meets in Room 105. Instructor Christine Noble.

Jewelry Wire Wrap PMC
Delicate traceries in copper and silver wire make exquisite bangles, earrings, pendants and rings. Pieces often incorporate semi-precious stones or other artifacts. Class meets in Room 105.Instructor Joan Masters.

Jewelry Precious Metal Clay
Precious metal clay (PMC) is comprised of salvaged precious metals ground to a fine powder and mixed with a natural binder and water. When fired you will have a beautiful finished metal item (copper or 99.9% fine silver). PMC clay can be formed to make pendants, earrings, rings and pieces to compose bracelets and charms. Class meets in Room 105. Instructor Joan Masters.  

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Metal Sculpture
Learn basic wire arc welding and plasma cutting techniques, taking scrap metal and creating fun garden and yard sculptures. Class meets in Room 120. Instructor Spence Hayden

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Music Guitar Beginning
Learn to play popular songs with/for your friends and family.  This class is taught through group instruction in an organized progression to introduce the fundamentals of guitar playing at a pace you can enjoy.  Bring your acoustic guitar.  Ideal for the true beginner. Class meets in Room 103. Instructor Faris Harton.  

Music Guitar Intermediate
Pre-requisite Guitar Beginning or prior experience.  This class builds upon the fundamental skills to further develop your expertise in a variety of techniques and genres and expand your repertoire. Class meets in Room 103. Instructor Faris Harton. 

Music Recording & Production
Gain a working knowledge of computer software for recording (Cubase), through a general approach to recording, mic-ing, and editing, while applying some history of recording as a baseline for technique.  Includes hands-on experience in recording, editing, refining, experimentation, and mixing. Class meets in Room 103. Instructor Jamie Hoover.  

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Gain confidence in your personal expression. Loosen your grip and find your unique reality through fluid gesture and intuitive observation of various subject matter with emphasis on the figure. Class meets in Room 104. Instructor Donna Moore.

Drawing & Mixed Media
Launch beyond the drawn image; add color, texture and visual dynamics through a variety of mediums.  Pull out the stops and layer drawing, painting and collage with both traditional and alternative tools. Experimentation is a freeing and exciting teacher. Class meets in Room 104. Instructor Donna Moore.

Painting Acrylic
Learn painting layout, composition, color mixing and values as well as how to transfer photo images and text to a painting surface.  Students will receive individual feedback as well as individual and group instruction. Class meets in Room 104. Instructor Rachel Sunnell

Painting Pastels
Learn the most important steps in creating a pastel painting. Shapes, values, color temperature relationship, placement drawing and edges will be discussed. You will find your personal voice. Class meets in Room 104. Instructor Kim Long

Painting Watercolor
Suitable for all levels of expertise.  We will discuss watercolor materials, painting procedures and techniques while producing fabulous pieces in this medium. Multiple sections offered. Class meets in Room 104. Instructor Terry Harrison.  

Painting Realist
Become the artist you wish to be.  Apply time-tested artistic methods to improve drawing, color, value and composition.  Work in all media, from life as well as from photography, to further develop your own distinctive style. Class meets in Room 104.  Instructor Terry Harrison

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Pottery Beginning
Beginning pottery gives a full introduction to all aspects of creating pottery, including safety, studio practices, studio equipment instruction, creating using different clay conditions and glazing. Creative focus is mainly on creating hand built class projects determined by instructor, emerging into students’ own projects. An intro to wheel throwing (practicing centering, pulling up cylinders, bowls, etc) for those interested is also included. Multiple sections. Class meets in Room 107/108. Instructors Carla Edstrom and Ginna Zell.

Pottery Beginning Handbuilding
For students who prefer hand building sculptural forms to wheel throwing, this course introduces the basics of pottery making including clay preparation, hand building, surface decoration and glazing, kiln loading and firing, and safety issues.  Upon completion, students should be able to prepare clay, hand build a variety of forms, mix and apply basic glazes, and load and fire bisque kilns.  Multiple sections. Class meets in Room 107/108. Instructor Linda Drye.

Pottery Intermediate
Pre-requisite Beginning Pottery. This course is a continuation of refining skills learned in beginning pottery with more emphasis on the important elements of designing and producing utilitarian pottery.  Focus is on wall thickness, balance and proportion, surface decoration and glazing. Multiple sections. Class meets in Room 107/108. Instructors Carla Edstrom, Ginna Zell, Spence Hayden.

Pottery Intermediate Handbuilding
Students have the opportunity to stretch their imagination to develop and work on independent projects in addition to teacher lead projects. Learn how to push the limits of combining glazes to create stunning unique pieces. Class meets in Room 107/108. Instructor Linda Drye 

Pottery Alternative Firing
Pre-requisite Beginning Pottery or instructor permission.  Includes style techniques and surface preparation for horse hair, saggar fired, naked slip Raku and using Raku glazes. Students will create 4-5 pieces to be fired using these different techniques and actively participate in a firing at instructor’s studio at the end of the semester. Class meets in Room 107/108. Instructor Carla Edstrom.

Pottery Production Techniques
Pre-requisite Pottery Beginning and Intermediate or instructor approval. Successful production potters have developed the expertise to control their output. Skill, speed and consistency are critical. This class explores techniques to refine those variables with a focus on executing a select number of craft skills predictably well. Class meets in Room 107/108. Instructor Tricia Messenger.

Pottery Style Development
Collectable artists/craftsmen are instantly recognizable by the style of their pieces. While much of this personality develops organically as an expression of your own unique way of working, there are also choices along the way that shape the course of development.  This class explores the diversity of the craft with an eye toward selecting and refining personal preferences. Multiple sessions. Class meets in Room 107/108. Instructors Carla Edstrom and Tricia Messenger

Pottery Sculpture
This more progressive class builds on techniques learned earlier with hand building and throwing.  Basic forms are combined, sculpted, embellished and finished to more fully express artistic concepts. Greater expertise is developed in complex hand building and the firing of large pieces. Multiple sessions. Class meets in Room 107/108. Instructors Spencer Hayden and Linda Drye.

Pottery Surface Decoration
Students will explore different skills for surface decoration, embellishment and structural design concepts including carving and sgraffito, slip trailing, stains and underglazes, burnishing and glazing techniques. Class meets in Room 107/108. Instructor Carla Edstrom

Pottery Nights
Suitable for all levels.  In this class, the instructor works with students on an individual basis to provide an accessible and supportive experience for working students and others for whom night class is the best option. Class meets in Room 107/108. Instructors Linda Drye, Tricia Messenger

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Woodturning Beginning
Through lecture and hands-on sessions, students will learn the basics of using a wood lathe.  On completion, students will be able to: identify the parts of the lathe; carefully observe and apply the American Association of Woodturners’ safety guidelines; identify the basic woodturning tools and learn sharpening procedures.  Students will need to purchase personal safety equipment and a few personal tools.  Wood will be available for purchase on site. Class meets in Room 118. Instructor Dawn Greenberg.   

Woodturning Intermediate
Pre-requisite: Beginning Woodturning or instructor permission.  This course assumes a knowledge of basic woodturning techniques, tools and safety precautions.  Through practice students will further perfect their skills by learning tool control, shape and form, live and natural edge bowls, turning thin, embellishments, etc.   We will discuss how to harvest and prep their own wood and to problem solve, including repairing splits, gouges, chipping, etc.  Advanced tools will be covered. For more adventurous students, independent study projects may be proposed and discussed with instructor. Class meets in Room 118. Instructor Kirk Rector.

Woodturning Segmented
Pre-requisite: Intermediate Woodturning. Learn how to incorporate beautiful, unique designs and wood varieties in your completed lathe turned project. Initial workpiece is composed of multiple parts glued together that create stunning designs and color patterns. Class meets in Room 118. Instructor John Lowder.

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Cultural Heritage

Creative Writing
A published mystery writer will guide you through the process of finding story ideas, developing a plot, creating characters, writing dialogue, and finding the right voice.  Through lecture, discussion and project work, you will find feedback and support to develop a successful literary project. Class meets in Room 103. Instructor Alan Woodruff.

Cultural Heritage Film Making Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Southeastern North Carolina’s cultural heritage while mastering the art of documentary filmmaking in this dynamic and hands-on course.  Through a blend of historical exploration and practical filmmaking techniques, students will delve into the region’s diverse traditions, stories and landmarks to create compelling film documentaries. Multiple dates offered. Class meets in Room 103. Instructor Robert Hill.

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Photography Principals
The class is open to photography enthusiasts of all levels and experiences. The goal of the class is to learn general photography principles and concepts and put them to use in hands-on activities while building a personal photography portfolio. Hands-on activities will include field trips within the Southport area and class room exercises. Class meets in Room 103. Instructor Tom Wilkinson.

Photography Product
Prerequisite beginning photography or equivalent Learn how to photograph an item you have for sale. Develop a scene that appeals to your target buyers and best presents a product’s details and features. Class meets in Room 103. Instructor Ken Haubrich

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